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Current & Wave Measurements: Selecting the Right Methods
June 7th, Tuesday
8AM South Africa / 10AM Dubai / 2PM Singapore / 4PM Sydney

Join Dr. Anders from Aanderaa (a Xylem brand) as he discusses the following topics:

● Suitable methods to measure currents acoustically in the sea
● Advantages and shortcomings of three different methods to measure waves
● Differences between acoustic broadband and narrowband measurements
● Differences of measuring waves from buoys and underwater platforms

To measure waves and currents can be challenging, especially from buoys and moorings that move around. We will compare the quality of acoustic current measurements from different platforms (buoys, moorings & bottom frames) using different types of acoustic profiling and single points sensors (running broadband, Z-pulse and narrow band) and give recommendations on how high data quality can be obtained in different situations.

We will also compare three methods to measure waves from buoys (with accelerometer based Motus sensors), from underwater installations (with acoustic Doppler Current Profiling Sensors) and Pressure based wave sensors. Their advantages and shortcomings will be discussed and best practices to measure waves will be presented.


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